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Yeast as a tool to uncover the cellular targets of drugs Sturgeon, C. M., Kemmer, D., Anderson , H. J. and Roberge, M. Invited review Biotechnol. J. 1:289-298 (2006)

Inhibitors of human indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase identified wit a target-based screen in yeast. Vottero, E., Woods, K., Tugendreich, S., Melese, T., Andersen, R. J., Mauk, A. G. and Roberge, M. Biotechnol. J. 1:282-288 (2006)

Effect of combined DNA repair inhibition and G2 checkpoint inhibition on cell cycle progression after DNA damage. Sturgeon, C. M., Knight, Z. A., Shokat, K. M. and Roberge, M. Molecular Cancer Ther. 4:885-891 (2006).

Cytochrome b5 is a major reductant in vivo of human indoleamine dioxygenase expressed in yeast. Vottero, E., Mitchell, D. A., Page, M. J., MacGillivray, R. T. A., Sadowski, I. J., Roberge. M. and Mauk, A. G. FEBS Lett. 580:2265-2268 (2006)

Identification of Sokotrasterol Sulfate as a Novel Pro-angiogenic Steroid. Murphy, S., Larrivée, B., Pollet, I., Craig, K. S., Williams, D. E., Huang, X.-H., Abbott, M., Wong, F., Curtis, C., Conrads, T. C., Veenstra, T., Puri, M., Hsiang, Y., Roberge, M., Andersen, R. J. and Karsan, A. Circ. Res. 99:257-265 (2006)

Avinosol, a meroterpenoid-nucleoside conjugate with antiinvasion activity isolated from the marine sponge Dysidea sp. Diaz-Marrero, A., Austin , P., Van Soest, R., Matainaho, T., Roskelley, C. D., Roberge, M. and Andersen, RJ. Org. Lett. 8:3749-3752 (2006)

An ent-kaurene that inhibits mitotic chromosome movement and binds the kinetochore protein RanBP2. Rundle, N. T., Nelson, J., Flory, M. R., Th’ng, J. P., Aebersold, R., Andersen, R. J. and Roberge, M . ACS Chem. Biol . 1:443-450 (2006)

Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase inhibitors from the Northeastern Pacific marine hydroid Garveia annulata. Pereira , A., Vottero, E., Roberge, M., Mauk, A. G., Roberge, M . and Andersen, R. J. J. Nat. Prod. 69: 1496-1499 (2006)

Inhibition of the G2 cell cycle checkpoint by oliveroline isolated from Duguetia adorata. J. Brastianos, H., Sturgeon, C. M., Roberge, M . and Andersen, R. J. Nat. Prod. 70:287-288 (2007)

Spirastrellolide B Reveals the Absolute Configuration of the Spirastrellolide Macrolide Core” Warabi, K., Williams, D. E., Patrick, B. O. Roberge, M . and Andersen, R. J. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 129:508-509 (2007)

G2 checkpoint kinase inhibitors exert their radiosensitizing effects prior to the G2/M transition. Sturgeon, C. M. and Roberge, M. Cell Cycle 6:572-575 (2007).

Strongylophorine-26, an inhibitor of cancer cell invasion: absolute configuration and SAR revealed by synthesis of analogs. Warabi, K., Patrick, B., Austin , P., Roskelley, C. D., Roberge, M . and Andersen, R. J. Nat. Prod. 70:736-40 (2007)

Abrogation of ionization radiation-induced G2 checkpoint and inhibition of nuclear export by Cryptocarya pyrones. Sturgeon, C. M., Cinel, B., Diaz-Marrero, A. R., McHardy, L. M., Ngo, M., Andersen, R. J. and Roberge, M. Cancer Chemotherapy. Pharmacol. (2007)

Antiangiogenic Alkaloids Isolated from Marine Organisms. In Modern alkaloids:structure, isolation, synthesis and biology. Diaz-Marrero, A. R., McHardy, L., Gray, C. A., McHardy, L., Warabi, K., Roberge, M . and Andersen, R. J.
235-271 (2007)

Nigricanosides A and B, antimitotic glycolipids isolated from the green alga Avrainvillea nigrans collected in Dominica. Williams, D. E., Sturgeon, C. M., Roberge, M . and Andersen, R. J. J. Am. Chem. Soc . 129:5822-5823 (2007)

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